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Constituency Office

Our constituency office provides a wide range of supports to our constituents.


Our mandate from Mike Kelloway is to "take our swings" in order to resolve constituents' issues. In other words, we will always listen to a problem to determine if we can assist.

This assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Constituent casework support (e.g., employment insurance, old age benefits, etc.)

  • Passport applications

  • Community development support

  • and much more...

Across Canada, each constituency office operates at the direction of its Member of Parliament. Our office prides itself on being highly involved in community development and issues management across the more than 8,000 square kilometers of territory that we represent. 

We are proud to work for Cape Breton—Canso.

Assisting you with federal matters

We assist our constituents by liaising with federal departments and advocating on their behalf. This relationship allows us to serve the public in a unique way to federal public service offices.


Please note that our staff are employees of the House of Commons, and therefore, we cannot directly access or influence cases involving federal departments. We will instead advocate on your behalf to the appropriate office.

Ensure that your matter is federal

Before reaching out to our office, it's important to check whether your issue is actually a federal matter.

Our office cannot make inquiries to provincial or municipal departments. 

To address a provincial or municipal matter, please contact your elected representative within the appropriate government (i.e., a provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), a municipal councilor, or a First Nation band member).

Click here to see the responsibilities of different levels of government.

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